The organization

Diversity and Development is an international non-governmental organization created in 2009 in Tangier, Morocco. It is currently based in Montpellier, France and has actions in Latin America, North Africa and the Mediterranean.

Our main objectives are:

To understand and preserve diversity in all its forms, and to dignify the working and living conditions of the people who value it.

To protect, conserve and enhance local biological and cultural diversity, in a variety of contexts.

To be a role model of inclusion, creativity and sustainability in a world that is continually evolving.

D&D participates in territorial development strategies and trains local actors in its different areas of intervention.

We design and implement multidisciplinary tools that promote conservation and enhancement of local diversity and heritage.

At the same time, we support social and institutional dynamics to guarantee the sustainability of our projects.

We put this objective into practice through three strategic articulated axes

Learning Networks

Research – Action

Territorial Management and Development

D&D brings different partners together and works with them in more than 20 countries.

Our network of allies and collaborators includes international organizations, local and national governments, entrepreneurs, universities, and local associations.

Everyone participates in different ways in the defense of a more just, resilient, diverse and creative society.

Other initiatives co-created by Diversity and Development

In 2011, D&D co-founded the Biocultural Diversity and Territories Platform

Since 2013, D&D launched the Origin, Diversity and Territories Forum initiative

In 2019, D&D co-founded Sus-Ter