Areas of intervention

Learning Networks

Based on partner networks and local initiatives at international level, D&D designs and implements innovative learning proposals.

It thus promotes the exchange of good practices not only at community level, but also among territorial actors and public policy makers.

The main objective is to generate multidisciplinary knowledge and to create training spaces without borders. These activities support the sustainable development of natural and cultural resources.


All phases of conceptualization, design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation are complemented by research activities, carried out by experts in close collaboration with local stakeholders.

The objective is to facilitate their intervention and complement their knowledge with academic-scientific research, in order to co-create innovative initiatives, adapted to the diversity of their socio-environmental context and their development priorities.

Management and territorial development

In territories with great wealth in terms of natural and cultural resources, the association and its partners promote and consolidate sustainable and inclusive processes for social, institutional and productive transformation to:

  • Foster conditions and skills to enable intersectoral coordination.
  • Support territorial management.
  • Accompany design and implementation of initiatives for change.
  • Incorporate territories into regional, national and international networks.

D&D participates in dialogue and coordination efforts between territorial public and private actors.

D&D positions itself as a neutral actor and guarantor of good governance, an indispensable factor in any project focused on the sustainable management of local resources.

D&D has designed methodologies for territorial diagnosis and identification of natural and cultural assets, which deserve to be preserved and revalued.

These methodologies are flexible enough to be adapted to each context and, to date, we have been able to verify their effectiveness.

There can be no planning and advice on territorial development without monitoring and evaluation.

D&D has developed monitoring, evaluation and impact indicators for the projects in which it intervenes, and continues to do so.

D&D provides its expertise in project planning and elaboration of territorial development plans.

It covers many areas of knowledge: agricultural development and valorization of local products, sustainable management of natural resources, sustainable and solidarity-based tourism, value chain analysis and marketing strategies for local products and services.

D&D considers that territorial development projects for the valorization of natural and cultural diversity cannot be successful if local actors are not fully empowered and know the meaning of the strategies to be implemented.

Thus, D&D intends to accompany and train future leaders and local experts, who can give continuity to the initiatives being promoted.